Thursday, April 8, 2010



Before I tell you about today, let me tell you about this trip. While it certainly IS a missions trip, and we are doing many different service projects, it is ALSO the senior trip for the Lakeview Class of 2010. The senior trip part includes various adventures and "fun" activities.

Today was all about adventure.

Wednesday began with breakfast and blogging. These kids LOVE to find comments from you, so keep 'em coming!

Miss Emily wore her best Badger gear just for her "favorite" (uh-hem, who said that?) teacher!!! I'm sure when she bought this shirt a couple of years ago before she even knew me, it was reverse Deja Vu.

Evan tried to hide behind his shades AND his Nike bag. Didn't work - - - I caught a "glimpse" of him anyway.

Shortly after breakfast, it was time to follow our fearless guide wherever he may lead.

When he leads, we follow - - - - just like this. We have spent a lot of time just like this. A bus is becoming second nature to us - - - a home away from home.

As we travel along, we watch the scenery roll by. I will have a post dedicated entirely to scenery rolling by - - - but for now, notice THIS scenery. We see A LOT of the back sides of vehicles. In fact, we see them VERY up close and personal - - - as well as other parts of vehicles VERY UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. New culture - - - new driving rules.

Our destination for adventure today was:

Fossil Land and five of its zip lines.

Before I go any further, let me just tell you - - - if you ever come to Costa Rica, you really need to go to Fossil Land. The folks there are absolutely the BEST. In less than five minutes they were our family.

Seriously - - - - write it down on your bucket list: GO TO FOSSIL LAND.

First we did the chicken dance with a chicken who was definitely NOT a fossil.

Then we got reacquainted with playground equipment - - - only this was not the ORDINARY way that children use playground equipment. Go to Fossil Land, see for yourself how its used there!

Then we started walking to the zip lines. This was the EASY part of the trail.

Oh trust me - - - this was the "for beginner baby walkers" part of the trail. I will show some of the difficult parts over at my other place if you care to see it. Let it just suffice here when I say, this trail is not for the timid of heart.

Our trail adventures were directed by "Tom Cruise" himself. This man can MOVE. I kid you not. He put an old fossil like me to shame. Jerolyn said, "Shoot, Mrs. Broyles, he even put an 18 year old like me to shame!!"

Tom would give directions and we would - - -


And Tom would give MORE directions and we would - - -


As you can see, Cassie is a tad bit incredulous over THESE directions.

One more bit of running, and we were off on the trail again. Now, I must confess here dear friends, I am using the term "we" loosely. What I REALLY mean is THEY - - - the kids were doing the running while the sponsors were doing the:

Supervising and the - - -

Sitting in the shade. Oh, TRUST ME, the sitting was very necessary, which you will see when you look over at my OTHER place.

And then, after all that running, trail hiking, and even some rope climbing - - -

They take to the sky - - -

And fly like an eagle.

Up, up and away.

There will be more posts, replete with pictures, about today.

But for tonight, I bid you a fond adieu with yet another gorgeous flora photo.


K. Karr said...

Emily- Looks like you are having a great adventure. Did you ride the zipper? Daddy and I are praying for you! Well, I need to go write a paper for class today. You know me "I need the pressure." Love you!

Vickie said...

A great memory for sure!

Pam said...

Sis, did you not do the zipline? You said "they" took to the sky. Even your petrified of heights BIL stepped up to the plate, swallowed his fear and zipped a few years ago. Please tell me that you didn't do all of that strenuous hiking wo experiencing the reward!

What do the kids have smeared on their arms and faces in the running photos? Looks like it was a grand adventure day. Beautiful scenery too. Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Ben & I had a good laugh or two. :) The office is very quiet without all of you....

Amy C.

Dotty said...

Love the pictures...looks so nice unlike our weather right now...42 and blah. Cassie, I hope you overcame your fear of heights and did the zip line. The house is very quiet without you except for the meows. Hope all of you are having a great time....ENJOY !!!!! We love you and are praying for you and the group.

Kelly said...

This blog is awesome! Thanks, Mrs. Broyles, for sharing your days with us! Keeping in touch this way means so much!
Michael... I am so glad you get to have this experience! Enjoy your days! Miss you! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody!!! Miss you all very much! looks like you guys are having a blast :) Glad that everything is going well! The pictures of you all are great :) well just thought i would say hellooooooo :)

Love you all!

Amy said...

La clase de espaƱol es muy tranquila sin Uds! Tengan cuidado, y diviƩrtanse!

Srta. C

Kirby3131 said...

What I was in Rome i kept saying that the lines on the roads were just a suggestion. Actually, most of the roads had no lines, so it was all just suggestions - even the cars parked on the sidewalks at times.

It seems like there would be less running in fossil land and more statue like poses. I guess I'll have to go to find out why!

Keri said...

Why the running?!? And I have the same 2 questions as Aunt Pam!

Just Breathe said...

What an awesome day. FossilLand looks like fun!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...


I wanna go!

I am living vicariously through all ovf you.

Even you Evan, suck it up and smile. (JK)

What fun!

I want to be a helmet head.