Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Birds are Singin' - - -


While it is still early, barely 7:00 here, and while the cherubs are still getting themselves up and around for the day, let me show you our "digs" for the week.

Here is our villa. It is located in a walled compound and surrounded by lush flora. Mihai, our Score host lives here all the time.

Boys are downstairs, girls are up.

This is the dining/living area where we meet to eat, have devotions, and accomplish small tasks like folding the literature we are going to pass out later today.

Just outside our door we have this lovely yard with a view.

And flowers, lush tropical flowers.

You won't see these growing in your back yard every day in Indiana.

Later in the day, I hope I can get our cherubs to post some words for themselves.

Thanks for praying for us.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm jealous! ;-) Be sure to have the kids teach you some Spanish words to use here and there!


jennifer said...

Wow! It's so nice! Y'all are by no means roughin' it. I would LOVE to have those floors!

And you are welcome for the prayers :)

K. Karr said...

So glad you set up this blog. What a gift for us parents! -kk

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you and see you're deluxe accomodations. Isn't it beautiful there? We're praying for you!!

Julie Harward said...

Very pretty...a nice place to stay! Have a great day! :D

Vickie said...

wow that place looks nice! Glad you are able to post Keetha! Great to hear how things are going!

Vivienne said...

Lovely! Have fun!

Patti said...

What an experience of a lifetime! You are all so lucky to be a part of this - cherish each moment, take it all in...and don't lose KB in the rainforest!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! BTW, I miss my morning climate report calls. :)

Anonymous said...

hi Mrs.B! i have really missed u here!!! u have got to tell us 7th & 8th graders all of your happenings when u get back!!!! luv u and will b praying that every thing goes smoothly!!!
ps- Mr.C said the s-u word 2 times!!
carissa v. <3

Pam said...

The house is beautiful inside and out. So glad you are able to keep the updates coming! Praying for you.

Headless Mom said...

Lovely! And free wifi makes everything better, right! ;-)

Connie N. said...

Glad you arrived safely. Looks like the weather must be pretty nice!! Exciting to be keeping up with you on your trip. Praying for all of you!

Kirby3131 said...

Gorgeous flowers and it looks like a really nice place to stay. I'm so so happy that you are able to blog. The stories are always best when it's fresh in your mind :)

Kristin - The Goat

Chari said...

Charlene, Kristie, Emily,
Art is NOT by any means the same without you three :(
Every art day I catch myself thinking "YAY art with Char, the Krust, and Emilay!" and then I'm like waitttt a minute. ;) I hope you guys are having a great time.
I'm so jealous.
Miss you guys!

Debbie said...

Beautiful! Exciting! So glad you all had this opportunity. Hope you are all using your Spanish. Charlene, I miss you so much! Have a great rest of the trip.

Just Breathe said...

Awesome house, it looks like paradise.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

IN the south we say , "swankkkkkk-eeee!" That's real niiiiice.

No roughing it for you guys! How'd y'all find a place so lovely?

Cool digs.