Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just a Few Odds With One or Two Ends - - -


While we were in Costa Rica, I could not possibly keep up with posting all the photos we took. The purpose of this post is to add some extra photos of our various activities - - - ones that I didn't use the first time around.

In the Barrio

Heading into the barrio

The "high rent" district of the barrio.

Another little "shop" in the barrio

Children's Church

The children pay rapt attention to the story.

Playing a bit of Heads Up Seven Up.

Evan - - -

And Michael

Were a big hit in the church yard.


How many ways can you spell c-u-t-e???

Look-Out Point at the Beach

Charlene and Kristie in their little grass hut.

"Say-Say" taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Fossil Land

Trying to climb the "meteor."


Tom Cruise thought it was a two-helmet kind of day for Kyndra.

More Beach Things

Mihai walking up to the bus to head to the beach.
That's part of our lunch in that black bag!!!

All our meals at the beach were included.
Here we are waiting to go into dinner.

Charlene and Kristie

Cassie's really happy about eating!

Eating Out

On the way home from the zip-line
We ate lunch here,
It means "Strawberries"

A simply delightful spot and - - -

The food was yummy.
I knew the minute I bit into the fish that it was
Or as we call it here - - -
Mahi mahi.

The meal came with a tall icy glass of fruit drink.
Mine was blackberry.

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Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I cannot tell you how I have enjoyed pouring myself through your photos and travels. (even though I am still having nightmares about the crocs-I kid you not!) I have felt as though I were there. Maybe a future visit?
That food does look yummy!
Thank you Keetha for being my passposrt to other places in God's great world.
LOve ya!