Friday, April 9, 2010

Color Our World


Early in the morning when I awake, and the others are still slumbering in their little trundle beds, or soaking in the warm (?) shower - - -

I come out to the living area to post these entries on our blog and enjoy the peace, quiet, and - - -

This view from our "villa" screened in veranda. So quiet. So peaceful. So rejuvenating.

Then sometimes, even early in the morning, there is work to be done - - -

So I just take the plunge and dive right in!!! ;-)

Once we are all up, showed, sunblocked, fed up, and ready to face the day we load up on a bus. This bus riding thing is becoming second nature to us. Our eating destination is separate from our sleeping destination which is still separate from our work/play destination. This requires us to become intimate with the inner workings of bus transit, and also allows us to feast our eyes, while we are in transit, on vistas such as this:

My camera does not do justice to the distant mountains, but you will have to add a little of your own imagination to help you with that.

Sometimes along the way, we all get to witness a little brotherly love in action.

"Emily, I'm gonna hug you."
"Quit it Evan, get away"
(Evan continues hugging and tickling.)
"Mrs. B, make him sit somewhere else!!! Evan, why do you think you have to sit by me?!?"

And here I've been trying to give Evan a "mama hug" all week and he avoids ME like the plague.

Yesterday, after we arrived at the new SCORE site, we got into our working gear - - - vinyl gloves.

Then Mihai gave us our marching orders, and we volunteered for roller or brush.

And after gathering up our supplies - - -

We got busy with the task of the day - - -

Painting a LONG chain link fence - - -

A very lovely color - - -

Colt's blue!!!!! I'm always OK with "coloring my world" Colt's blue.

Have you ever tried to paint chain link????

"Splish splash, I was taking a bath" comes immediately to mind.

I thought my camera eye had captured every one of our painters for this post, but as I edited these I can't find Cassie among the other painters. Oh but trust me on this - - -

She WAS there, and swinging her long handled roller with the BEST of them.

Some folks might be getting just a leeeetle bit tired of my camera. Funny thing, they sure do gather around the computer screen to SEE themselves whenever lappy is on.

And after the painting was done, we discovered we had painted a leeeeetle more than the fence. And if you are just thinking, "that's not too bad" - - - - take a peek at these close-ups.

Kristie and Emily are sportin' new freckles.

But I think they are lookin' preeeeety gooooooood - - -

In their new blue make-up. ;-)

Still lovin' all this tropical foliage.

Today - - - we are off to La Playa.



groovyoldlady said...

It would NEVAH occur to me to paint a chain link fence. EVAH. Is it to keep it from rusting? Or just for beauty's sake?

Pam said...

You were being true missionaries with the fence painting task. Everything within me would have been screaming "BUT WHY?"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great work Keitha and team. Proud of you and praying for you.

Pastor Donny, Lakeview.

Kelly said... have painting skills! I will remember this!! :)
What a BIG job your group is doing! I'm sure it is very much appreciated!
I'm glad to see you were smiling about least at some point!
Enjoy your days, miss you, and take care.....

Vickie said...

Pam, true blue missionaries I might add! ha! Its always so great to come on and see your smiling faces on here! Enjoy La Playa its amazing! Take lots of pictures along the way! God is an amazing Creator!! We love you all!

Gerson y Betsy said...

So glad you are having a good time and making the most of every opportunity. Take it all in. Enjoy the beach!

Kirby3131 said...

I woulod have to say that "groovyoldlady" and "Pam" said what I was thinking - I would have never thought to paint a chain link fence and I would be screaming out WHY? LOL

Bless you all for your work - I bet it was fun - look at all of those blue freckles on top of those giant smiles :)

K. Karr said...

Emily really does love the camera doesn't she :-)Enjoy the beach!

Caitlyn said...

Cassie, I miss you. Today I saw the pictures while we were at grandmas and I know that I forgot my princess nails. I found a penny at Marsh. Chris says HI Cassie. Love, Caitlyn

Just Breathe said...

Great painting project. Looks like there was a little dog hanging with them.

jennifer said...

Smurf freckles :)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I too wanna know....why? paint a chain link?
But Keetha.....was it you, Colts blue? LOL!Carma.

THAT VIEW!!!! Things like that make me emotional. God is so great!