Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And I Would Walk 500 Miles . . .


Our Day started bright and early this morning - - -

With folding and stamping

More than 4,000 pieces of gospel literature.

Then, under the guidance of our facilitator Mihai, pronounced Me - High, we loaded onto a public bus and headed downtown to distribute the tracts.

We saw the sights and heard the sounds of San Jose along the way.

I think we stood out in the crowd as being visitors - - -

Especially the one in the teal visor.

We walked, and walked, and walked, and then just for kicks, we walked a little more. I doubt it was actually the proverbial 500 miles in the title of this post, but for those of us not USED to so much pedestrianship, it was a healthy challenge under the hot tropical sun. (Yes, we were good boys and girls and used our sun screen - no sun burns!)

Somewhere along the way, Mihai stopped to introduce us to his former girlfriend. (His words, not mine!)

Oh but he kids. This is actually his fiancee, Otilia, who is back in his homeland of Romania.

I took it upon myself to comfort the lonely ex-girlfriend.

This beautiful cathedral is one of the many sights we saw along the way. Sorry, we didn't find out it's name.

After lunch, we changed into work clothes and headed over to the new Score headquarters building for an afternoon of work.

Unfortunately (or fortunately - - - depending on the individual point of view) it began ot rain before we could start our tasks. Since the work was of the outdoor variety, the Costa Rican Score Director, Jose, said we'd have to be flexible and did we mind changing our afternoon plans.

We did not mind.

So, instead of several hours of manual labor, we were given time to fellowship and play table games. I learned that our group are INTENSE over their "Spoons."

To be honest, on the way back to our villa for the night, the kids shared that they actually felt rather bad, like they weren't doing their "part" of the work for the afternoon. (Great moment!!) We discussed that being flexible WAS our contribution for the day.

There are two other groups here working with Score this week. We had lunch, dinner, and the surprise free time with them today.

Some of them had their lappies this afternoon. Mine was back at our villa, so all I could do was look at them with lappy envy.

Oh, I do kid - - - I enjoyed playing games with the kids more than I would have enjoyed my computer. I can always blog from the villa after the kids are in bed - - - well, except for Jerolyn, she's sitting right here checking my spelling. ;-)

One of our last stops for the evening was for ice cream.

I think it was a big hit.

While standing on the sidewalk outside the ice cream shop, Jerolyn showed me this "stupid body trick" that she can do.

I think it's rather disturbing. (Those are her KNEES - - - -she's FACING the camera.)

We ended our night with devotions. Tonight Mihai shared his testimony of a childhood spent in Communist Romania, and how as a 16 year old, the Lord used a teacher and one of his classmates to lead him into salvation.

As I end this post, I just want to show you a couple more shots of the fabulous Costa Rican flora. Bananas anyone?

And these gorgeous colors are right outside our dining room window.

Since Jerolyn is still up with me, I've asked her to share her impressions of the day.

"It seemed to me that many of the Costa Rican people we met on the streets today were more open and friendly than what Americans would be. Even when you are sweaty and gross, they are still willing to talk to you. And I'm not gonna lie, there are some preeeeeeetty attractive men down here."
- - - Jerolyn.


Kirby3131 said...

That statue can make just about anyone look thin - I think I may want to bring her on over here :)

I'm sure that you all will be worked hard enough during your time there!

Kristin - The Goat

Amy said...

Glad that you are all having a good time! I'm sure there will be plenty of work to be done later. Jerolyn, I love your observations! Hopefully the people being friendly wasn't a complete surprise, but talking about cultural differences in class and actually experiencing them are very different. Love you guys, and miss you all! Still praying!

Dotty said...

Enjoy reading the adventures. Cassie,the cats are driving us crazy. They miss you alot. They both slept with gramps and I last night......fun?.....NOT. We continue to pray for all of you and that in some way, you can make a difference

Heather Rodbaugh said...

Keetha ~ you are as funny and expressive as ever! And I'm so glad Jerolyn was there checking your spelling... :) I love the updates and the pictures are wonderful!

Michele said...

Glad to see you all are doing well! It was good to see the faces of the ones we miss back here...I won't tell you who that is for sure. Don't want to make anyone feel badly! ;-) JK

Love you all! Work hard for the Lord & come back here safely!
--Mrs. H

Keri said...

This is the most luxurious mission's trip I've ever seen!!!

Vickie said...

I agree Keri

Just Breathe said...

I would have loved to be a leader for teenagers, it's a great time to help them with life. Okay those knees scare me! Love the shot of the bananas!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Oh...a friend for Mz Rose!

What incredible leaders, sharing experiences. These times, they are molding you. You do not realize it but they are. Praise God!

And Jerolyn.....we can thank him too for the attractive local men. ;)