Saturday, April 10, 2010

It Is Not Ours To Wonder Why - - -


It is but ours to do or die. At least here on the mission field.

We don't know WHY the fence had to be blue. We only knew it was our painting task of the day, and you would have been so proud of the great attitudes we had.

Also - - - we couldn't make a new post last night or this morning - - - no wi fi where we were. We're making a little update tonight and I promise to do a longer post in the morning.

Here we are, loading onto the bus- - -

Yet once again. This time we're pretty excited about our destination - - - but more about that in the next post.

This is pretty much how we travel down the road everywhere we go - - - and let me tell you, we are always going SOMEPLACE.

Oh, and just look here!!! They have toll roads in Costa Rica too! I even saw a "quick pass" lane!

Now for some lines from our "kids," who just happen to be crowded all around this lappy. I think their goal is to make me claustrophobic.

Michael: Evan taught me how to body surf yesterday, and I am happy! Oh, and a monkey almost attacked me, it was about to jump on me and bite me, but big brave Mihai saved me by telling me to run.

Jerolyn: Last night Mrs. B came into our room to visit, and we made her clean a smashed bug off our floor. She told us some stories that made us wet our beds.

Emily(s): Ello everybody! Last night we danced with a bunch of kids. We showed them how to do "the shopping cart" and "the white boy." 'Mmk, Byeeeeeeeeee

Cassie: I saw a Jesus lizzard at the pool today, and a bunch of cute LIVE monkies in the restaurant. One of them almost pooped on me. I'm being broken of a habit.

Charlene: Don't wear sunglasses in the ocean. Don't stand on sharp rocks with bare feet. Make sure you wear flip flops when walking on hot concrete. ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Stay hydrated and keep Kristie hydrated too, or you'll wish you had.

Kristie: My life is complete, I saw a legit palm tree, a legit monkey, and a legit crocodile.

Evan: I taught Michael how to drown, but he failed so he's still here.

Austin: I don't want to say anything, I'll see them in three days.

Kyndra: No



Amy said...

That is so very 'Austin'. LOL. For once, I'm glad Michael 'failed' at something! :-)

Vickie said...

Sounds like you had a great adventure at the beach! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It was great hearing from all of you too! I will look forward to more tomorrow!

Kelly said...

Michael---We are so glad to get this post and are very glad that you ran!!! Did you get a picture of the monkey, or did anyone get a picture of you running from it??!!
Sounds like you had a very interesting time!
Enjoy church and have fun with the kids at the orphanage. We love you, pray for you and the group, and miss you....Mom and Dad
P.S. Take lots of pictures!

Wanda said... have nothing to say? What? No, "I miss you Mom"??? We WILL see you in 3 days. Looks like you are having a fun trip. Wish I could be at the beach!
Love you!!

Jewel said...

Oh the "over the shoulder readers"... I can only barely tolerate them. :)

K. Karr said...

Kristie I am glad your life is complete...just means everything from here on out is ICING!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

good times and memories! posted.