Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"I Was Hungry and You Gave Me Something to Eat"


Our final ministry project of the week was to take groceries to hungry families today.

First we stopped at the grocery store where all ten students carried a shopping basket into which we all put the same items - - -

Things like coffee, rice, sugar, noodles, and cookies.

Then we loaded back on our bus and went to meet a pastor and a missionary who took us to visit hungry families, leaving a bag of groceries with each.

This little family came up to our bus, three of our girls hopped out to give them their groceries. I stayed on the bus and took this photo from there.

Next we headed into one of the poorest barrios in San Jose.

We all got off the bus to take groceries up into the barrio. You can see the homes on the hill ahead of us. The pastor is already part way up the hill, and our little Costa Rican "guard" and the missionary are at the base of the steps.

This is the path we traveled between the homes. This is a very even and smooth portion of that path.

As I stumbled along, stepping over muddy places, I thought about all the little grandmas I saw in the doorways. How in the world do they traverse this, especially in the rainy season?

This precious little grandma invited us into her home. I looked at what she didn't have, and remembered what I have and suddenly any "giving" I've ever in my life done seemed tiny and insignificant.

I hope and pray that I guard my mouth from EVER complaining again.

We walked all through that little barrio - - -

Giving away nine bags of groceries to nine very deserving families. Oh, but there were so many more who were hungry. I wish we had done this every day while we were here.

This is the neighborhood store.

And then we headed down the stone "steps" to the bus - - - and back to our lives of opulence. My heart is not satisfied, there is much more to do.

Here is the barrio from a high vantage point. Notice the actual houses on the front row - - -

And behind them rows and rows of corrugated metal lean-tos.

After lunch, we headed out for sightseeing.

One of the first "sights" we saw were these cows crossing the road ahead of us. We've seen cows before, but not out and about town!

Our main destination was this look-out park with a fabulous view.

We could see lakes and a small village nestled in the valley below.

This is the ruin of the first church built in Costa Rica.

We rode down to investigate it more closely.

A pair of parrots have made it their home. We enjoyed watching their antics.

Tomorrow morning we head to the airport at 6 AM. After a two+ hour flight to Dallas, we have a six hour lay over. We are scheduled to arrive back home in Indiana around 11:00 PM.

Don't forget to check this blog from time to time as I will be adding more posts from home.

A great big thanks to all of you who were so faithful to follow our progress and send us encouraging words.



Vickie said...

What a reminder that we have so much yet we so often don't appreciate! I rememeber going to a place simlilar to this last year and a lady shared her favorite verse with us. "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want" I was humbled to think that in America I think of so many things that I "want" yet this lady who I felt needed so much knew she had all she needed and that was her salvation in Jesus Christ!! Yet, as Christian,this is one of our greatest callings to go and feed hungry and clothe the poor. This is what sharing the Gospel is all about! Think about the rich man when he asked Jesus what shall I do to have eternal life? Matthew 19:21 21 "If you want to give it all you've got," Jesus replied, "go sell your possessions; give everything to the poor. All your wealth will then be in heaven. Then come follow me." I'm so thankful that you had the opportunity to take this trip. I hoped you have journaled these memories down on paper so that you can recall them and remember that we serve an Awesome Living God!! Can't wait to see you soon and hear more!!!

K. Karr said...

I am thankful you all were able to serve. I am sure none of you will ever have the same perspective and continue to serve as you return to the States. Praying for you as you travel today! Emily we love you and anxiously await your return!
-Love M & D

Pam said...

Even though you are on your way home, I am so glad that you have promised to keep posting until you run out of Costa Rican fodder! What a touching trip through the barrio.

Keri said...


We are ALWAYS in need of more volunteers and would LOVE to have you join the team, Mom! (or anyone else who is interested!)

I can personally vouch for and promise you that all the work FCI does is Kingdom Work. If you sponsor a child, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your $25/mo goes directly to your child. Not may organizations can claim that statement.

Keri said...

I meant to say "many" not "may".

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I am so glad I went back and reread through your blog. Somehow I missed this post. And it so touched me and moved me to tears.

"I looked at what she didn't have, and remembered what I have and suddenly any "giving" I've ever in my life done seemed tiny and insignificant.I hope and pray that I guard my mouth from EVER complaining again."

It's a perfect reminder of how we take things in our lives for granted. From the mundane things we find ordinary and expected our homes and the lives under the precious roofs. I cannot say why I lead a "rich" life (though I am far from it) in comparison with others.....but I do know that what material things I have are meaningless (what someone else might determine a wealth of status from). The things that make me rich are not things, its the life and how we fill it. Keetha & class, you are filling yours wisely, fully and richly with experiences that I pray you will pass onto to others-like through this blog journal-which can only inspire people to be better and to better others through grace and humility.

And Thank you for the lessons in life one cannot ever get from a schoolbook.

So inspiring!!!

Oh----and I have to say, the church ruins and parrots!!! The photographer in me is just itching to go there and "shoot". WOW!!!!

(To teacher Keetha-forgive my misspelling and run on sentences.)

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

No worries, Leigh - - - I teach Science, not Grammar. ;-)