Thursday, April 8, 2010

Special Delivery For Tori

Wishing you were here!

Very sad faces.

Jerolyn says: It is absolutely depressing without you.

Emily B says: I miss you, I miss your voice, love you, can't wait to see you, PS - - - J & I got you your gift.

Charlene says: We don't feel complete without you.

Kristie says: I miss you Tori

Michael says: Remember, we're getting married when I get back. ;-)


Dotty said...

Cassie--gramps and I think all of you need acting lessons on your "sad" look, but the thought was nice. Love you and are praying that all of you are having a great experience.

K. Karr said...

Is blessed to hear the love you have for your classmate Tori!

Amy said...

How sweet! BTW, Miss Clayborn left herself logged in on my computer. Isn't she lucky that I'm a nice, responsible person who would never leave an embarrassing comment on your blog? :)

The Other Amy C.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...


Thanks to you and all the others who are leaving us comments here. The kids gather around the computer when we find comments and it is the highlight of our day - - - at least at that moment. So, if you could encourage OTHERS to comment also, that would be fantabulous.

Anonymous said...

I will spread the word. We like checking in on you guys. I can't wait to hear about your ziplining experience! My former pastor (an Army chaplain) is in Costa Rica right now, too. I told him about Fossil Land being a must on everyone's bucket list. I think it'd be funny to see a close-to-retirement LTC ziplining through the rain forest. Almost as funny as seeing two HS teachers doing the same thing....

I almost got to play math bingo with the 6th graders today. Brady went to monitor them with me, and they were too overcome by his cuteness to focus on playing a game.

BTW, you're missing our school science fair. One student make cookies for her experiment--and brought samples! I took it upon myself to eat one for you and Lou Ann. I'll be sure to take pictures for everyone else. Sorry--eating 10 more cookies is too large a sacrifice for me to make for everyone else to enjoy them vicariously.

My climate report: It's very cool here today, but our inside temps are quite comfortable.

Until next time,
The Other Amy C.

Amy said...

Ooops. Thank you, responsible other Amy C. I was distracted! ;-) Have the kids look at the Zippity Doo Da post and read what I wrote to them. It is in Spanish, but they should be able to tell you what it says :-)

Anonymous said...

Aw! you guys are tooo sweeet! that just made my evening. well made my night :) i shall cherish that picture forever! You all looked lovely in your blue paint and i miss you all very much!!!!! Hope you all are getting a great tan :D can't wait to hear about EVERYTHING! well tootle loo :)

thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. Miss Agness seems to have a smirk on her face there in the back! I expected a much much MUCH sadder look from her! I mean i know she is dying without me there :) inform her that she needs to work on that ;)


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Oh, my...I think I heard the song "Sad Eyes" by Robert JOhn just now.....

Cassie said...

My grandma JUST realized that this blog was for Tori. She DEEPLY apologizes for her criticism.