Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Scene" Along the Way


Climb in the bus with us, and watch through the windows as we pass through Costa Rica. You'll KNOW we are on the bus, 'cause you'll see "bus parts" in most of the photos.


Much of Costa Rica's "electric grid" is evident above ground - - -

Not to worry - - - these "head-on" collisions never did materialize.

Stop didn't always mean stop. Yield didn't always mean yield. Red often meant go. And yet - - - we didn't see any collisions.

We did get off the bus at this look-out point.


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Paul in Miami Beach said...

Here's an encouraging word from a total stranger in Miami Beach! Enjoyed the pix of a place where I've never been (although I've been to many!). Que Dios les bendiga!