Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here's How We Wait - - -

This is it, folks. This will be my last post to the Costa Rican Diary. I've gone through all the "fodder" I brought home.

But the Diary will stay online for memory's sake.

When for eight days your life revolves around riding on buses and planes it is necessary to do a lot of waiting.

See how we wait:

And now, for the longest wait of all - - - the wait to see if we will ever return to CR.

Costa Rica, we love you. You and your people have carved a giant niche in our hearts.



Keri said...

But I wanted to see inside the rooms of the resort!!!

dons96vette said...

Even without the travel, it seems mission trips involve a lot of waiting. People in other countries always seem to be on their own schedule. Things happen when they happen, no reason to rush. It's so contrary to our hurry hurry life where overnight photo developing is just too long to wait. It's also such a breath of fresh air. I'm a very punctual person but had no trouble setting that aside on my mission trips to just "go with the flow."

Headless Mom said...

Excellent job, Miss Keetha. All of you kids are so lucky to have a great teacher like her. Thanks for letting me "come along" on your journey!